Cocked & Loaded –


It is hard to tear your gaze off those beautiful, sexy, under-the-Beetle-haircut to notice that thin cute frame, but if anything will force you to do so, it will be to wonder if Damon shoved a sock in his pocket, or if this little cutie is packing just the kind of extra big surprise that the unassuming skinny types so often unleash. His shirt flies and the ink from his pecs ripples across his natural, lean chest. There are two tiny, dime-sized nibbles just waiting to be nibbled. The single dark, dark hairline that runs from his navel to his feet is what all eyes focus on. It then moves south towards his destination, where the weight of his body forces him to zip the remainder of the way. His tiny, black, skimpy briefs have been stretched so much by his bulge. Meanwhile, his bottom is showing. Eventually, the zipper pulls out and the pants are pulled out. The spongy head is finally visible. While it’s not difficult, his entire meat runs beyond his hip. The camera is so close to his body that it can be reached between his legs. He rises like a tall building from the dark bush and raises his crown high above his pink dick. The slit can be held with one hand at the base and the other under the glans. It is almost as large as the helmet that it covers. We can clearly see the sack hanging low as he tightens his muscles. He gives a primal, intense stare towards the camera and fires off a load which covers his abdomen in white. His look of exhaustion is reflected in this expression of joy.

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