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Ricky is an collegiate level wrestler. HeA’s a little guy and would never have thought it. You must be of low weight! He laughed. He laughed. “Yeah, I am…I wrestle small men!” He said that he wrestles other small guys. He said. He explained that they didn’t want any additional weight …””Yeah. Even a small amount of weight can make you more qualified for a better class. “So, do you weigh naked?” Does that make you embarrassed? “”No, I like being naked. It doesn’t matter to me at all. Ricky is a true free spirit. Ricky describes himself as a kind of “hippie.” He is small and lean. He had one of the most wild bushes that I’ve ever seen. I noticed this when the underwear was taken off. He said, “Yeah,” (he probably caught me staring). I donA like trimming!”

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