Nick-OH! –


We have something special for you guys who love your men. Swarthy Nicko Morales, a 31-year old New Yorker makes his Industry debut right here at MenOver30. Nicko visited America as a youngster. He grew up in Guatemala and moved to the USA after college. While he admits that he enjoys New Yorkers and the city’s people, he misses the warm welcome of his family. Guatemalans are more open-minded and friendly than in the United States. He was not able to experience the same warmth in New York for a long time. New Yorkers are notoriously cliquish. -who knew!? Nicko, who was only 20 years old when it comes to having sex in public with men was quite late. His first mentor was a trainer in his early 20s. It was easier to get out of college in the US, as American culture is much more open to him than Latin America. He prefers to see men who are healthy and fit. HeA likes white boys, and is most attracted to nice guys. WeA’ll soon see Nicko ripping it up in town with a hot sex, according to some indications. Nicko slowly grabs his crotch using one hand and then slides the other under his shirt to play on his chest, nipple, and stomach. As he relaxes, he pulls his shirt up to display his hairy chest. As we get to see him more, his bedroom eyes and full lips don’t stop there. His right shoulder is covered by a tattoo. It gives him an extra badboy edge. As he takes off his shorts, we see the extent of his chest hair. His happy trail takes you to his thick legs and hairy bush. His growing cock is a tuggin’ motion that he does through his shorts, before removing them completely. Although he keeps his pubic hair trim, he knows best to not shave off the extra fur. Nicko stands uncut as he strokes his dick. As he tugs at his skin, Nicko tries to get a good view of his throbbing cock. As he strokes the tender meat of his cock, it is wet. He feels his chest and runs his hand across it, beating himself. Then he gets up and spreads his sexy legs apart, before hopping back onto the couch to continue ripping that juicy meat quicker. As he shows off his hairy sex, he is hard and attentive. He lies down face-down on the couch, and begins to lift the couch. His sexy, tan lines frame his ass. Speedos are worn at the beach by someone. Hmmm. Hmmmm. After he’s finished teasing us, he starts stroke again. As he senses the imminent orgasm in his tight nut bag, his breathing becomes heavy. As he plays, he uses his taint to jack off. His nut shoots all the way across his furry navel. It was amazing to see how Guatemalan-ness can be so hot. ?

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