Marshall & Phillip –


You have so low hanging balls! Phillip said this as MarshallA’s nuts were revealed to him for the first-time. They should be ready for shooting! I knew it was going to be fun. Phillip, a cocky little man who was already aggressive and had just met Phillip. All over your face! Marshall replied. They both laughed. They were talking about ideas. It was a simple decision to throw it all out there …” How do you feel about being rimmed? OK?” Marshall asked me. “Of course!” He said. IA was not surprised that he understood what the meaning meant. “You better be!” Phillip shouted in the next room. Phillip exclaimed, “That furry sass is delicious!” Marshall was not embarrassed. “Some guys might have been embarrassed, but not Marshall,” he laughed. Phillip definitely enjoyed MarshallA’s hairy back and gave it plenty of attention. It wasn’t just about eating it. He also tongue-fucked it and was very fond of slapping him! How do you like my blowjob? Phillip looked sheepishly at Phillip as he took a short break. Marshall replied, “Better than any girl A’s ever taken me off.” Marshall said, “Most girls have their teeth, but you can go all the way without teeth. This is fucking amazing! ItA was so great! Marshall asked, “Did that happen on film?” Marshall was curious. “Get what? “Where was it squirting over his shoulders?” “”Oh yeah. It was definitely possible with the help of my camera. Marshall smiled big!

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