In The Pink –


This week we have two fans favorites, and it is great to see the flames fly. Doug Jeffries is the first agent. Doug Jeffries, originally from Los Angeles CA, celebrated his 43rd Birthday and is back to impress us. This blue-eyed, sexy hunk has been gone for over a year. WeA’ve reunited him with Trey Turner, a dad-loving stud. Trey Turner has made his debut on Previously, Trey was usually under a well-hung stud. The 21-year-old Fort Lauderdale boy will be calling the shots today and showing how 21 can turn into 43. Trey was Doug’s costar. Doug returns home to his 3 year-old partner. Although heA’s not in this industry, heA’s very familiar with what it takes to be successful. Doug answered that he has been in business since 1996 when we asked him. TreyA’s jaw droppers and eyes light up as he looks in amazement. DougA has had both industry and non-industry partners, which is a plus. Trey is currently cohabiting with a cub that he just met. These lesbians are amazing! They are so far good. Doug is the one leading the kissing. As he lies down on his stomach, he kisses Trey and starts to examine his abdomen and chest with his tongue. Soon the studs will be shirtless and are licking each other. Doug flips Trey and takes off his shorts. This gives us our first glimpse at Doug’s amazing ass. Doug cannot help but to get on with the job as he begins to lick his bottom before reaching for his fingers. TreyA’s beefy sex is addictive as Doug goes back to work to get his share of the bounty. He spreads out his cheeks before moving his face in to get more. Trey is envious of his expert tongue and he mumbles approval. Doug kneels down and begins to prepare the hole by touching it with his finger and gently teasing it. TreyA then pulls his hard cockback and he gets his first taste TreyA’s rich meat. Trey rocked back and forth to DougA’s eager mouth. Trey soon wants more. Doug slowly puts his meat in TreyAs mouth while TreyA lies back on his bed. Doug snucks some meat in TreyA’s throat, and he bounces back and forth between them. He leans forward and they have more oral fun at a hot 69. They can’t get enough of one another, and things are about to get even better. Doug sits down on the chair while Trey remains on his dick. As DougA’s meat starts to smell, Trey begins to inhale on DougAA’s thick cock. Trey soon rides that dick at full speed as his stomach gives way. Doug watches as Trey eats his steak. DougA’s dick is watching as Trey grinds his sweet sex all the way on DougA. ItAs making DougA want to eat more. Doug raises Trey to his feet and then slams him back into the chair. Doug pounding his ass hard. As he buries the bone, he slaps his ass. FLIP! It’s now TreyA who is taking Doug’s place as he gives the stud his tender meat. Trey slips his meaty flesh inside Doug, and starts to make fun of him as a missionary. Doug is already very horny and this enough to make him scream. Doug explodes with his chest as he jacks his head with his both hands. TreyA sends his own load of cumshots all over Doug’s chest as he watches. Doug’s massive chest, shoulders, and abs get even more cum shots. This is one cum bath. Get rid of Aisle 6 and 7! LOL

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