Made in the Shades –


This week, we have one our favourite imports back. Lucas Knowles, 32 years old Polish Playboy with long hair, thick beard, and a beautiful cock, is Lucas Knowles. Milwaukee’s Morgan Shade is the only lucky one among our guests this week. Morgan Shade, a 22-year-old native of Milwaukee, will soon be the most popular A’seatA’ in the house. As kids, we wondered what the studs would like to do as adults. Morgan wanted to become an architect, while Lucas wanted trade paper on the stock market floor. Then, we asked them if they would like to go back in time and relive a particular year or if they prefer to continue on with their adventures. Morgan is open-minded and eager to see the future. Lucas likes to think back to high school, and remember how short it can seem. Then, we asked them what their favorite thing about each other. Lucas loves MorganAA’s pinky, while Morgan really likes LucasAA’s sexy feet. We asked the studs where their favorite places to shoot hot loads. Both agree they like to shoot on guys’ chests. Lucas says, “I like to see my efforts bear fruit.” This is a chemistry that’s unmatched. These studs started before they hit the record. As Morgan becomes more familiar with Lucas, they begin to slowly kiss. MorganA’s dick seems to be struggling to move so Morgan gets up and takes A’em. As Lucas presses for the boner, it springs open. As Morgan moans, Lucas snorts MorganA’s 7A’ boner until it is stuffed to the bone. MorganA is naturally soft with a very happy smile that leads to the cock in LucasA’ throat. As he enjoys MorganA’s uncut meat, Lucas touches it. As they stroke their hard-working cocks, Lucas continues to make out with Morgan. Lucas sits down to offer Morgan his 8A’ Polish sausage. Morgan is patient as he takes LucasA’s smooth chest down and then nips A’til the weighty balls are ready for him to release. After savoring them, he takes the fat dick into his mouth. Morgan gets to work, launching the dick into Lucas’ throat. Lucas is enthralled. MorganA’s tongue makes Lucas look so bad that he bends over to show Lucas what his tongue is capable of. Morgan sings as Lucas gets his tongue fucked. MorganA was already flapping his ass so it seemed a good idea to tap that doggy. As he takes LucasA’s thick cock in his arms, Morgan grunts. Lucas slowy crams his meat in that tight ans, slowly increasing speed until heAs digging that deep hole. As Lucas digs deeper, Morgan grunts with a mix of pain and pleasure. Lucas pulls Morgan out of the chair and lets him ride. Morgan then climbs on to the chair, and sits back down as he squats on his dick. He starts riding it once he has that big dick in his stomach. As they have more fun, Lucas helps Morgan to keep his waist tight and bounces him around on his cock. Lucas enjoys being able watch Morgan have a good time while he dances on his cock. As Lucas lies on the ground, the party moves south. Morgan grabs hold of his dick, and he immediately gets back on the bike faster and harder until he looses control. He then blows all his weight onto LucasA’s chest and abdomen. Lucas stands up, and then he jacks the massive weight all over MorganA’s neck, shoulders, and back. It leaves Morgan looking swollen and gross. …Lucky!

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