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This week, our members will be treated to a treat as we team up with two hotties who really turn up the heat. Jesse Coulter, a 30 year old from rural Kentucky, is back. We finally have Jacques LaVere, the third timeA’s a charm on MenOver30. Jacques, 22 years old and hails from A’La Ville-LumiereA’ in France. The City of Lights is sure to be dimmed since Jacques, a donkey dick brought with him from Paris, left Paris. We are gaining more knowledge about French food, JesseA’s especially. It was a pun-ny joke, wasn’t it? We asked them what they would wear for Halloween and if they were invited to attend a party. Jesse, whoA’s done that look before, says A’Edward ScissorhandsA”. Although the look is obvious, it sounds better than wearing the costume. Jacques is Pinhead, Hell Raiser. We kept the conversation going by asking them what their childhood favorite candy was. Jacques would love Skittles, while Jesse loves his Peanut Butter and Molasses Mary Jane. We asked Jesse, who has had success in the industry, if he could give any tips to Jacques. He advises Jacques to be himself and establish strong relationships within the industry. JesseA waits for Jacques to get out of the toilet so that they can go to the beach. Jesse discovers that Jacques has more to his bathing trunks than lotion. Jesse kneels down in front the tent, wearing Jacques’ swim trunks. He grabs Jacques’ massive, uncut cock from his back and begins to work. As he swallows, he wraps his lips around the cock. Jacques screams in delight as his dick vanishes into JesseA’s mouth. JesseA is still in his chair as he holds JesseA’s neck steady and fucks his lips, wanting to push his dick into his throat. Jesse gets Jacques to lay back on the chaise for him so he can work with that dick better. He says, “Look at this beautiful and big dick!” He pulls Jacques’ thick foreskin in front and sticks his tongue into it, soaking up the dick as he makes Jacques mad. He wraps his tongue around the knob, making his fat dick dance inside his mouth. Jacques is engulfed in that sensation and Jesse begins to feel Jacques’ smooth pecs. That was all that it took to convince Jacques to grab his hard-working dick and ram him inside. Jesse grunts while Jacques pounds that hole. Jesse is held by his waist while Jacques pounded the meat. Jesse grumbles, wanting every last bit. Jesse is still wearing his jock strap and getting the hole pounded hard and fast. The two of them switch up, with Jacques lying back on the ground and Jesse sitting on his dick. Jesse groans as he rides that cock, telling Jacques how great it feels inside. Jacques gets even more hornier when he begins to jackrabbit the fat dick into his ans. Jesse reaches out and grabs Jacques’ nuts, which are jam-packed with cum heA will soon get. Next, Missionary will be helping Jacques get his legs up. Jesse is muttering in pain and pleasure as Jacques continues to dig his hole. Jesse is sent over the edge by Jacques, who dick slips inside his worn-ass. As Jacques follows his lead, he shoots over Jesse’s chest and abs. Jesse is baptized in cum by Jacques, who stands above him.

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