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Kenny and Johnny have been friends for many years. The handsome, early 20A’s someone duo have traveled together socially but not to their bedroom. Kenny might have heard of the 8A’ cock Johnny owns and his filthy, filthy mouth. Perhaps Johnny discovered that his smaller friend has a fatter cock than him? It didn’t matter what it was. The way they were touching each other’s bottoms from the beginning made it clear that this was a meeting of friends who crossed the line to become lovers. They started making up the time they lost. They exchange shirts, their tongues invade one another, lips in an afflicted kiss, and soon they both realize that this is a meeting of friends who have crossed the line into lovers. They both love every minute of it, from the chewy meat Johnny is trying to swallow with his friend. Kenny lays next to Johnny in what he hopes will be some 69 fun. Johnny then grabs KennyA and feeds his now-throbbing bone as a power top. KennyA tells KennyA to A’eat this fucking cock a little slutA. As he rams the bone into JohnnyA, KennyA’s lips rub JohnnyAA’s curly hair. It is an amazing sight to see and hear the verbal aggression they have between themselves. After cooling down in a deep, slow and mutually satisfying suckfest, Kenny begins to lick the lube liberally. JohnnyA reminds Kenny that KennyA is pressing his lips on JohnnyAs lips. As his huge cock slowly disappears into JohnnyA’s sex, Kenny takes complete control. Kenny questions, “You like that dickin’ in your stomach?” He says, “You like it when you go deep!” JohnnyA’s deep moans are a sign that he is about to experience the overwhelming sensations that only a man this large can create. He pulls out till the head nearly appears and then smashes it back completely again. Kenny calls himself A’Larry Long StrakesA’. After flipping Johnny on his back, he grabs his face before giving JohnnyA’s the full facial. Johnny is next, and he fires his loads right at KennyA.’s chest and cheek before Kenny gives Johnny one last kiss.

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