Trust Doctor T –


Kali’s shoots at IR have constantly been demanding, but that one raises the bar as PD provides Kali exactly what she asked for – push the limits.She’s bent over with her head, wrists, and ankles secured in stocks. Her cunt is penetrated by An wooden dildo/metal pipe. After some face flogging, a barbell tightens around the bottom of every one of her breasts. They are weighed down with a steel ball. Her breasts are caned. Strings of drip to the ground as she cries and fights. When she’s vibrated to orgasm, her eyes have been zoned. PD provides a mattress to her. Is it comfy? She says…A metal ring around her waist squeezes her stomach flat to the uncomfortable metal mattress. He defeats a paddle along with a cane against her until she is sobbing. Now his big hand slides into her cunt up into the knuckles because he proceeds to hide her.A wooden press squashes her tits. Kali’s shackled to a posture with the garrote at her throat. As a cane whips away at her, then she yells and yells, overwrought. A slim Mr. Pogo slides deeply into her ass. She is choked, vibrated, and caned – until she’s shuddering.

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