Hot biker stud captures a.. –


Seamus OA’Reilly has not had his car repaired since being abused and manipulated by D Arclyte. So he visits the other shop. When the ginger invades, Lance Hart, a muscular hunk is busy in his shop. Lance attempts to tell Seamus that he works only on bikes but it isnA’t working. Poor Seamus is dragged into the shop and taken from his behind. Lance learns that mechanics are in the area and has a good laugh about SeamusAs previous experience. After strapping the boy between his two bikes, he turns his pale skin to bright red and attaches clover clamps to his legs. Seamus may scream at the top his lungs, but that is nothing when compared to what follows. Lance strokes Seamus’ hard cock while beating his fucktoy to submission, all the while painful zipper clamps down his side. Seamus, a horny biker who is stomping on Seamus’ fucktoys with a pile of tires, takes the bait from each end. Lance pulls out the raging cock, blasting a thick and hot load on his buddy before taking him to bed.

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