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Dirk Caber invites Damien Moreau into his play area and presses his face against his armpit. Dirk Caber and Damien fight for control. Dirk takes control of the boy, grabs DamienAs hands and locks them above DamienAs head. As Damien shouts for mercy, Mr Caber kneels to DamienAs hardened cock. HeA’s brought down to DirkA’s knees to learn from him how to sucking cock. Dirk beats Damien to submission while Damien swallows Dirk’s cock. As Dirk pulls Damien by his balls, Damien swings in the air and is lowered to cock-sucking height. After pushing his hard cock down DamienAs throat, he sticks electrodes to his legs and stokes an electric butt plug into his ass. As electricity surges through DamienAs body, his hard cock thumps and heAs tied to the wall. Dirk beats the boyA in front of him with the flogger. DamienA is chained to the bed, with his ball gag in place. DirkA presents DamienA as a hard-core cock. Damien is thrown on the bed and he sucks it all.

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