The Birds and The Bees: Part.. –


Cherie Deville is feeling great about her day, walking around the house, doing her daily chores. Walking up the stairs, she might discover a unclear but distinct weeping from her step daughter, Allie ray. Cherie walks into her daughters room simply to discover Allie wrapped up into a ball excessively. Cherie sits Allie, reassuring her, asking her why she was so sad. Allie was loath to show her problem as she believed it was amazingly embarrassing. Cherie understood she wasnt Allies biological mom, but only the same, she’d so everything to make Allie feel secure in her arms.Allie brakes free of her feelings, recapping about her date with all the woman she had been thinking about and how it all went to hell. Allie said everything was going great till she told her accident she had sex with her step mother, that freaked her out. Allie said her girlfriend believed she had been disgusting and filthy. Cherie sympathized with Allie, but ensured there was nothing incorrect displaying their sexual desires , she was brilliant and beautiful and there were plenty of other women around Allie could participate with. A fantastic parent should always teach them everything they had to know, even about gender. Putting her head back on her mothers chest, Cherie removes Allies shirt to smooth her broken heart. Letting the stresses of the day slowly melt away, Allie is thankful to have a mother figure just like Cherie get her through those hard times. Cherie knows the ideal way into her daughters heart to alleviate the pain is to pleasure her sexually, but today, it was Allies turn to take control. She orders her mother to eliminate all her clothes where Cherie complies with rush. Allie slides her mouth to her mothers pussy remembering how good she tasted the last time. Want to find out more? Watch MommysGirl now and discover out!

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