Relaxing on girlfriends.. –


Im on the top level of a department store car park, with arrived to do a little bit of shopping. Im wearing a snug fitting pink dress with a gray cardigan over the shirt, and a bright pink denim jacket, my shapely legs are bare, also on my cute little toes I’ve in my yellow Pikachu socks and white Converse sneakers. Under the dress is a very crinkly ID Slip:-RRB- The department shop is clearly busy, because there are many different cars in the vehicle parkand even though I know I might be seen by someone returning to their automobile, I just cant resist placing my camera on the floor so as to supply a very cheeky up-dress perspective of my ID Slip! I get onto my haunches, to bring the ID Slip closer to this display:D All of this posing and crouching is putting a lot of pressure in my bladder, that just so happens to be close to the brim, so I pick the camera up and stand back up, before heading down a stair case that contributes to the vehicle parks lower degree. When I hit the bottom step, I sit down and then place the camera on the ground again to give another very intimate perspective of my plastic, after which I cheekily give in to temptation:-RRB- A sexy warm flow immediately flows in my ID Slip, along with the cam is so close you may plainly see the plastic switch color as the release spreads indoors. The ID Slip is growing sexier, and is now getting heavier around my crotch, and the knowledge that a shopper can walk down the steps at any second and grab me red handed makes this seem even more arousing! When Im finally completed, I stay up and climb the staircase again, savouring the beautiful squelching sensations coming from inside my saturated ID Slip. I then strike some more bright presents, so pleased to be strapped right into some thing that soggy. At this rate I probably wont even go in the department store following allIm having much too much pleasure at the carpark;)

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