I´m relaxing in my mattress in dire need of a shift. I´m wearing a skimpy white t-shirt, a cute set of Hello Kitty socks, and a very soggy white Molicare Premium. The bedsheets are so clean and fresh, and I love being sprawled out on the tender duvet, listening into my Molicare squelch with every movement I make. I always change my posture, first spreading my thighs so that I can cheekily rub on my crotch, and then putting onto my legs so that I can show off my peachy bum. I just can´t wait to try on something crinkly, so I choose a fresh new ID Slip Extra Plus, also unfold it ahead of me on the bed. I can tell just by looking at this that it&intense;s likely to feel really comfy that´s the sort of instinct that all true ABDL&severe;s have! I slip off the Molicare Premium and strap myself into the ID Slip Extra Plus, to ensure it&severe;s nice and tight and hugging my skin carefully. It&intense; rustling like mad, and feels so fluffy to the touchscreen. Let &severe;s see how long this one stays dry. Knowing me, not for long! 😉

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