Hot Sauce –


Another subject used by artists to capture the beauty of girls is that of the woman within her bathroom. Critics have climbed the heights of greatness and into the body of this work we incorporate the hot body of Eufrat as the brunette takes a shower while exhibiting for us her form. You’ll see her around, firm bottom. . .her perky titties that are dark-nipped. . .her toned thighs as she perches on her tiptoes. . .and then, once she leans back to the bathtub, you’ll explore the glories of her cunny, as she tugs it apart to show its wetness, and then initially as she presents it as a moist, plump peach. Eufrat then throws a glass dildo into her asshole, barely batting an eyelash at the penetration of the toy. She stands us over with all the plug and then she takes it out, shows us her pink anus that is glowing, and licks her dildo clean. But will she remember to turn the water on??

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