Adriana’s Ass Licker –


Mistresses Adriana Lynn and Elena Sinn possess their bitches locked in cages and suffering for their entertainment; a single bitch is secured at a humbler, although another has an electric shock collar locked in his balls. The Mistresses shoot the humbled bitch out of his cage and make him crawl around the room while the other screams from having his balls stunned and again.Adriana determines that she needs her bitch to wash her buttocks, so Elena takes her bitch out of his cage to add to the fun. Elena controls the bitches, forcing ones mind into Adrianas buttocks while the other shocking again and again,glancing at his annoyance. Adriana gets so wet from the combination of hearing Elenas bitch and this ass worship yelling out of pain she cums from the enjoyment of everything. What blessed bitches; a Mistress was really caused by their anguish into orgasm.

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