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Jay is a 18-year-old stunner with a smile so white it’s virtually blinding, a style so charming you instantly wish to ask him out, a novelty so laid back that he gives you a hard on before you even realize this, and what may very possibly be the worlds most delicious ass: flawlessly muscular, and perfectly curved, and unquestionably 100% cherry. Seems like such a waste for a butt that wet dreams could be moved from goes to a guy as straight as they come, but once we saw what he is sporting on the front side, we nearly forget about that prime real estate at the trunk. His mouth, nine-inch beauty is just like the rest of himabsolutely perfect!nMaybe its own the well-trimmed goatee and mustache that make Jay look older than his 18 years, or maybe its intense smoldering quality of the death gaze out of those deep brown eyes which make it seem that the man looking into the camera possesses an infinite sexual repertoire of a rather experienced erotic virtuoso. Whatever the reason, the effect is intensified as Jay removes his shirt to show a torso almost devoid of hair loss, along with arms rippling with muscle that was . The opinion only gets sexier as he shows a set of boxers that are grey that despite being baggy, cling to the outline of that which seems like a heavy freight and slides out of his jeans. The bed is mounted by jay and gradually shimmies out of his shorts. As the ass’ curves begin coming into view, they do this with no hint of a tan line. The purposeful undulations because he grinds away on the bed would be people of a lover with his partners satisfaction as the launch pad for his or her own pleasure. The sheets cling to the outline of the very erect penis as he makes a two-fisted grip on the slab over the fabric Since Jay turns over. Since he strokes using all all the slow , steady rhythm of a man who knows the kind of grip he needs for the pleasure all eight inches have been throbbing in Jays hands. With his legs spread wide, his sack is already bloated between his thighs. He makes it look like he’s fisting that meat only and locks eyes as he squeezes the precum into the head Although Jay has appeared nearly indifferent to the camera. That prick trimmed bush, sways back and forth under his black, and swings from side to side just like a huge heavy pendulum of delight. Finding a grip and moving quicker, a track need has replaced the road to satisfaction to seed as he strokes moment. With one final, beckoning look to cameraJay fires off a enormous load at which the first splat crashes down on his upper pec, the next lands onto his lower abdomen with a couple more spurts moving even further until they land in a puddle onto the blanket to his side.

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