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I put in a pool in my back yard and it’s just amazing. I didn&severe;t obtain a license from the county because of this and I´ve been dodging their efforts to contact me. I´ve been successful at avoiding them till they send leggy blonde Reagan Lush to my property. She´s arrogant straight off the bat telling me why I am going to need to fill out the pool since it isn’t up to code and has been put in with no permit. I catch a rag full of compounds from the pool and push it up against her face. The pretty woman struggles and attempts to fight off me, but the fumes overtake her and she’s soon putty in my hands. I bend down the bimbo above a table and then immediately rope her arms up behind her back crushing her elbows together. Reagan is so woozey she doesn&severe;t understand what’s going on. I tell her she will soon be registering in my own license. I stuff her mouth with a major rag and then wrap her face with layer upon layer of duct tape until she is effectively gagged. I walk her over a couple feet at which I attach her wrists into a rope in the gazabo. I pull on the bad thing´s arms up high in a barbarous strappado as helpless Reagan yells and grunts. I taunt her because I unbutton her blouse and expose her big tits. I include a crotch rope yanking on her shorts up and pulling it hard up into her pussy and ass. I laugh as she sobs into her gag then XXXX her to cross her legs so I could bind them together closely causing my victim to fight hard to maintain her equilibrium. I laugh as she teeters on her stilettoo heels and off I go to get a license for her to register. I abandon bad Reagan stumbling to stand because she helplessly moans into her gag.

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