Pay Up –


Hung stud for causing a scene at his neighbor Connor Maguire’s house party, Austin Chandler continues to be tied up, and the guys aren’t done with their way with him. They drag him into the bedroom of Connor and pin him down on the bed to fuck his hole. Austin leaves a rush for the doorway, when the men untie his hands to service their cocks. The men gang up on him and drag him back into the bed, all of them since Connor punishes him along with his 27, holding down him. As weights have been added to give him a good stretch as he crawls round sucking penis, austin’s balls live several CBT. They plow his buttocks from underneath, his weights swinging back and forth as they dangle from his balls. The men gang fuck his ass before giving the stud a bukkake to the face. They jack his cock off until he blows his load all over his tummy and then milk Austin’s prostate.

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