New Boy Tony Orlando.. –


Fresh faced and stuttering, inadequate inmate Tony Orlando only wants a little carnal pleasure behind bars, but guarding his cell is the roughest C.O. Sebastian Keys – whos having none of this perverts under-the-jumpsuit jerk-fest shenanigans. Officer Keys slams Orlando against the walls, stripping spanking and his his tight pink butt before offering this inmate the search. After probing to Tonys anal gap, Keys discovers another key – Tonys prick dripping and is glistening with pre-cum, and the poor inmate is shaking in pleasure and fear. Officer Keys has dealt with perverts such as Tony but none with such obvious oozing filth betraying desires. Tony is immediately on edge, teased and pumped by the tongue and tongue of Officer Keys, that brings his inmate closer and nearer to ecstasy before leaning only from Tonys reach and denying him his joy. It doesnt take bondage, toe-sucking, tickling, jerking, sucking, and vibrating, deep deep anal penetration for Tony to shed himself in on-the-edge delirium. Finally, FINALLY Officer Keys enables his inmate to blow off his pent-up, monster all over his jail cot, before leaving him to writhe and wriggle in his bed. Has Tony been cured of his perversions? If not, Officer Keys is right outside those pubs…

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