Ford –


Ford enlisted in the Army right out of high school. He did a stint in Iraq and goes waiting for his tour of duty to end.I dont usually like to ask the army guys who have already been in Iraq about it since almost all of them think its pretty fucked up and the entire subject has been quite a downer.So, I requested him,”Youve got sort of an odd name. Was that from the mother or dad?” “My dad,” he said. “Hes into automobiles and shit.” “How about you — are you in cars? “His reply:”Yeah, I like Camaros.” “However, Ford doesnt create Camaros,” I said jokingly.He smiled and said”Yeah, I understand.” God, I adore military guys. Everything you see is exactly what you get. And Ford is just as army because it is possible to get… straight down to the haircut. “What exactly are you going to do after you get out of the army?” I inquired. “I dunno. Probably lay bricks or another. “Now Ive stated this several times before — a good meter of a guys”straightness” is how easily he shows his asshole. Directly men hate exhibiting their assholes.When that the cameras starting rolling we asked Ford to bend over and show his asshole. He did it but was obviously embarrassed. It seemed a lot like he was getting a military physical. Perhaps thats exactly what it was. When he wasnt used to taking orders in the army he would have probably denied. “That was fucked up,” he said. Paradoxically, hes straight!

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