Busty blond superior court judge the long velvet dress was dressed by Allura Skye wwas. While she was 40 and was a judge she still liked to flaunt her finely toned figure and big tits. The last thing she recalled after leaving the party has been getting into her car and feeling the jolt of 500,000 volts stream via her body that was lithe. The following hour was a blur as her wrists were secured behind her back in steel police handcuffs and a rag has been knotted between her teeth. She was attracted to an old warehouse from the thug at a leather mask. The neck string was attached by the guy locked a steel chain around her throat to a string. Allura protested to her gag threatening him when he didn&extreme;t even let her go. However, the thug ignored her protests and pulled of her tits out of her gown and pawed in her tight body. Then he abandoned her there handcuffed and chained by the neck into the ceiling. She had no idea why she had been brought here as she struggled from the series. Frustrated and helpless she pulls at the handcuffs all the while threatening and needing to be freed through her gag. The she finds the door open and seems to see me walk in. She demands to be freed but I have ther plans for her. I tell Allura that now is that Allura was going to undergo the identical fate at the same time and the day that my brother was likely to be implemented in the state pen. Poor Allura pulls helplessly at the handcuffs understanding me who she held in contempt of court the day that my brother was sentenced. I pledged revenge that day and now the day has begun to my revenge. But I wanted to humiliate the haughty buxom blond judge. I reach up to undo the hook carrying acute & Allura;that I strip her of her elegant gown and s apparel . While I inspect my captive allura stands helplessly in her panties, heels, knee high stockings and gloves. I push against her into the floor and launch her throat. Allura&acute legs are subsequently secured together in steel handcuffs. Her wrists cuffs are attached by me to her cuffs in a postion. Allura pleads and begs with her money being offered by me for her freedom. But I don´t want money – . II abandon Allura fighting the cold floor. I guarantee to reunite. Allura rolls on the ground crying and sobbing to her gag. When I return I and sit on a chair by Allura&severe;s mind. I bend over and pull on the gag and Allura starts to beg and beg for mepersonally, but I am not finished embarrassing the helpless buxom blond since I use her body for a foot rest. When I inform her that the time is up, allura is fearful now. I press my high heeled foot onto severe & Allura;s start to press down on her throat and neck. Allura struggles helplessly but there is not any way to escape from under the stilettl heels media her throat. LI lift my foot and Allura coughs and struggles to grab her breath.I laugh and tell her that her time is up and I press my stiletto heels back to Allura´s throat. Allura pulls at the metal handcuffs however there isn’t any escape. She can feel the heels pushing into the shoe’s sole pressing down on her trachea she can and the tender flesh of her throat &severe;t escape her destiny.

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