Pretty CPA intern Lylah Ryder is distraught. She&severe;s been delving into the ledgers and has since found several discrepancies. Lylah feels comfortable confiding in me because I am her mentor and she brings the issues. Lylah supposes embezzlement and she shows me that the files demonstrating her suspicions. I do my very best to calm down Lylah and inform her she is totally studying the numbers incorrectly. I´ve been a CPA for decades and you my dear are an intern. I pull my weapon out and demand the curvy bit snoop strip off her clothes, when Lylah insists there is fraud. Lylah&acute hands are trembling as she unbuttons her silk panties and peels off it. Well missy, you just couldn´t do your work without snooping, would you. Your job was supposed to enter the data, not to analyze it! Lylah peels off all her clothes and she stands in front of me naked. I grab the flash drive out of Lylah&extreme;as she pleads with me to not do this, s clenched hands. I am finishing tying her body with lots of rope. Poor Lylah yells and claims that the bondage is tight and very debilitating. I stuff a sponge XXXX the sponge down her throat and tire of her mouth. I wrap her mind round and around until intense & she and catch a roster of elastic bandage ;s silenced. Satisfied I tell the captive that I gave her many opportunities to back off, but little miss ideal intern needed to be quite a snoop and she has to vanish. Hearing this Lylah becomes wide eyed and begins to fear testing her bonds. She attempts to shout for support. I laugh along with the inadequate intern struggles like mad as I grope and fondle her nude tits while I figure out what to do with her. I gather up all her belongings and off I move locking the door behind me leaving my prey invisibly into her gag and struggling inside her bondage.

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