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Dominic Portland is back! This thick slice of heaven has figured out that since he laps his thick dick 3 times each day on average. Dominics is apparently going green and jumped to the wagon! Lol For those of you who havent met Dominic, Dominic began with a High School girl that got him drunk and high, had her way with him and then shot him back to her place. Brilliant! It was excellent. is remembered by me he grins. Ever since he was last he states that the sex hes was alley sexwait for this. . .in broad daylight! He and a woman met at a bar and things started jiving and another thing he knew she provided to suck his cock outside. He was in (NO shit? ) ) She didnt suck on my cock. I finished up fuckin her at the street, in the afternoon. . .that was fresh, he blushes. Nothings changed, So far as fantasies: 2 is far better than one and three is much better than two his dream would involve girls and more girls. He would have them al to himself! Doesnt use pickup lines to get women. Eye contact is his secret weapon. In the event that you create contact and show youre curious, he discovers, they come around. We bet. At a muscle shirt, Dominic begins to show his defined pecs and guns some admiration. He slowly feels biceps and his pecs together with both hands as they explore every muscle curve. Hes over-dressed and in no time the tee shirt comes off providing a greater view of his or her assets to us. His wide chest is defined and there isnt much body fat with this stud. Because he strokes his growing beef within his crimson briefs his bicep adorned with an intricate tattoo flexes. Those are quickly lost by him and lays back to appreciate his love joy. Go with it! As Dominic jacks it dry his fat cock is coming to existence. He gets up and continues to stroke his growing meat providing us greater angles as the cam pans down and up. His chest vees to his frame bends and a muscular waist back out after it hits quads and his thighs. Dominic is no stranger to the gym. Were certain a body like that playing crime and those eyes to get eye contact would make most girls succumb to his plans that are delicious. He turns around and bends over for us his firm buttocks that is sweet. As he bends over he proceeds stroking g his meat. There simply arent any bad angles on this hottie. You’re able to seem; but you simply cant touch. He then gets comfy on sits back to concentrate on his engorged rod. The cam goes south and you can enjoy his definition since it focuses halfway over his framework. Because they ready for fireworks his heavy balls are pulling tighter. His attributes that are thick are attractive. His lips and deep set eyes adorned with these sexy brows. Dominics slowly setting his skin as he jacks and at no time he readjusts to get comfy. He settles to his routine and lays back. He loses himself and targets the movie ahead. Hes concentrated and by now his penis is still aching for release. He looks over to ensure were paying attention since he believes the tingling start within his balls. His enormous chest begins to stressed and as it does the remainder of his abdominals start to contract. His breathing is becoming labored and it will be long now before hes prepared to float. Quietly and without much fuss, Dominic mumbles’m cummin… under his breath. In seconds his cock begins to spooge. Thick cream starts to jet out all over his smooth tummy. Along with his hip runs down the very first pile strikes his obliques and his lower abdomen. As it does, more has been catapulted all over his happy and navel trail. Collapses tired from his session that was extreme. Whew. Welcome , Dominic!

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