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No escape. No exit. Seamus OA’Reilly walks through his cell. The definition of time is no longer Monday, Tuesday or one hour and two minutes respectively. This cell is a time machine that turns the world into an endless hell. Only cruel guards can interrupt it. He is an aspiring police officer. SeamusA is interrupted by “Officer Marx”. Seamus must serve his guard before he can eat. Officer Marx puts his hard-boiled cock in SeamusA’s mouth, and pushes him down to wash his feet. Seamus is chained to the wall by Officer Marx and a flogger. Every strike makes it harder for the guardA to keep his cock. Officer Marx is passionate about his work. He lies in his comfortable bed and watches as the security guard feeds the cells. Marx yanks away in desperation as SeamusA’s desperate drive drives him wild. Marx goes back to his cell at night with ropes, a mattress and some other items. SeamusA is rewarded for his good behaviour with a hogtied fist. Officer Marx is plowing into his prisoner and milking a load of the pathetic woman. Seamus takes a deep breath, and Officer MarxA puts a hot cum into his mouth. Marx wraps Seamus in a towel and then leaves. You are alone again. No escape. No exit.

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