PainDoll –


Bonnie Day sits in darkness on a metal grate. It’s terrible. It’s awful. The grating causes her pain in the back. The metal in her mouth hurts her jaw. The heavy chains and shackles holding her down, as well as the pain in her wrists and ankles, are causing severe discomfort. It’s uncomfortable. It’s painful. She lives it. OT can be described as a collector. These women are brought to his dungeon by OT, who calls them Pain Dolls. They are kept in a dungeon, undressed, and abused. Some men would just grab Bonnie and throw her on the bed to fuck her brains. OT doesn’t like that. It is possible she will start to enjoy it. Instead, he will try to teach her how to love something she doesn’t like as much as a hard cock between the legs. Bonnie will learn to love her whip today. Bonnie wants to escape, even though it makes long red streaks across her genitals. If she wants to get rid of him, she will have to learn how to moan and move like a pro.

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