Breaking the Innocent –


Strips down herself while crammed in a cage then zip tied spread. Legs are spread open, arms to the side so she is rendered immobile while her neck is slowly pulled back. Clips are taken by her pink puffy nipples . Better would be the sounds she makes when she’s to pull them away with her mouth, one at one time. I then zip tie a vibe into her and shove a dick in her tight fresh pussy to allow her pressure from the twists as she cums.Next, her arms are tied back and legs spread, position with her head tied back so that she can’t see can what I will do for her. I whip her with the nine that are other to get her started. I clamp her pussy lips, hanging a bucket. Every movement sloshes around tugging in her pussy. After I properly place the clips onto pussy, tits and her throat I catch her moving around and cane her sensitive skin. I use a custom concentrate vibration and clamp to expose your clit. This becomes even much more stimulation than she understands exactly what to do with.Last, Missy is wrapped into a metal frame at a floating doggy place. Her little ass sticks , pussy asking for insertion. Chicken wire is wrapped about her face and pulled tight with a bum hook. A vibe and penis are fastened into herbuttocks nipples clamped and tied away. Let the show begin.

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