Bridgette Monroe & Selena.. –


PrecariousI was not sure about her. She was nervous when she arrived to do the shoot. She asked the kinds of questions when I am aware that it is not likely to get the job done, which models inquire. However, I had a shoot, so I decided to try anyway.I did not make it simple. I wanted her to suffer, to safeword, to be in way over her head. Following the meeting I stripped her ass planted her on a board of spikes that were painful and bare and strapped up her thighs so she could not alleviate the pressure. I let her sit for quite a while, or so excruciating will grow. I was sure she would break. . .but she didn’t. She took all of it, and then took more. She was scared and she was in pain, but she did not quit. The end result is fantastic.

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