Blowing Clay –


Getting straight guys to try new things is the art. Just like a lot Clay had informed me in the beginning he wouldn’t perform with a different man. My first way to have him get oral sex has been declined, as was my second.Time proceeded and Clay was frequently talking his sexy buddies to me. He surprised me by inquiring what an blow job video could entail one day. I told him he’d be receiving oral sex on area, balls, and his cock. Like most guys that are right, he wasnt familiar with the area that is anal, but said he would think about it. A week after he agreed.I arranged to get Clay serviced by master cock sucker Foster. Im not certain that Clay fully understood the concept of having his ass eaten, so we sort of had to play the video. As Foster began licking and teasing Clays asshole, I was totally astonished to watch without being touched, Clays dick get harder and harder! Before I knew it, Clays penis was rock hard and Foster was devouring him…

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