Ultimate Obedience: Heights,.. Thetrainingofo.com – xxx24.vip


Let us all take a moment to be thankful…. That we aren’t in atoms shoes.Trainee atom produced a promise to The Pope in order to be chosen for training within the competition. She promised she would be the most obedient. The Pope will test her and make sure she’s true to her term by shoving her through every fear she has.Heights: atom is crammed into a harness, and a vibe placed in her hands, and is hauled up to the Armorys 80 ft ceiling. If that wasn’t enough, atom has a bunch watching as her flesh is strung up in the atmosphere and made to spin like an aerial ballerina. Within the first five feet atom begins to show signs of anxiety. The Pope has his hands on the elevator button and states there’s not any coming down until she cums in front of an audience like a small circus slut, although by 40 feet she is sobbing and pleading. True to her word, atom pushes throughout the fear and begs the crowd to cum so hard she’s left trembling and contorting in vacant space.Drowning: The Pope has a small hint called dry drowning he saves for sluts like atom. Her body is strapped down in an angle, there is a wool bag put leaving her meat. She is used to having her good looks and flirtatious tactics to get her. Just a splash of water in the bucket and she’s currently fighting to pull a breath from the wet cloth. She is shaken from the suspension and also this exercise floors her. After struggling, fightingand begging, then the last bits of her will carry her through to an intense and well earned orgasm.The Dark: From this time molecules sexy body is spent from pressure, her pussy over worked and sensitive, but the Pope isn’t done with her. Into the box goessit in the dark with bad dreams and the thoughts fucks she’s endured so far. And then she feels a poke, a caress of something difficult and cold : that the cattle prod. Scrambling with no sense of where she could visit conceal, it must be made by atom through her final evaluation. To submit into the cows. No further, to beg for this…

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