The Queen’s Slave Training –


The Majestic Queen herself Maitresse Madeline Marlowe is again back at work training her slaves. Now Reed Jameson was tied up and pitched in the tub to wait for his Queen. This sad excuse for a guy has his face and his mouth gagged. His body is restricted in rope bondage. His balls are flattened at a vice. He is prepared devour and to taste this beautiful goddess’ own body, but is he worthy. Could he take the corporal punishment, so will this torment and pain bring him rewards? Maybe a taste. Madeline smothers his face while she squeezes his balls even tighter and flatter in a vice grip. She provides his stone hard penis a treat with all the film of her mouth. She allows reed to lick her perfect pussy till she cums all over his face. Obviously her toes need worshipping too! Reed licks her high heels stockings before Madeline straps on a huge black dildo wash. He is ridden by her using profound strap. Proving his worth that he is permitted to cum all over himself in the front of the Queen Femme Daddy.

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