Stepdad’s Camera –


Well well well, it looks like Zander is up to his old tricks once again. This time hes rummaging around in his Stepdads camera bag. The quality with this camera is wonderful although He’s plenty of dick pics in his cell phone camera. He checks the bag for any useful contents however he pulls out the camera and is filled with that. Zander then unzips his trousers and starts to take selfies and proceeds to take more pictures but that time of his penis. Engulfed at the moment Zander has no hint that his Stepdad D is currently standing right behind him interested as to why his hands over his gear. Zander sees with his Stepdad and right at that instant and turns out on. Zander didnt have an opportunity to delete his penis pics late now as his dick has been witnessed by his Stepdad. Now that it has been found by D he would like to view it in actual life. Zander doesnt hesitate and takes out his cock because of his Stepdad. He doesnt want to knock off him. They start to kiss and Zander drops to his knees to support him in all ways. His Stepdad is engulfed with the way smooth and sexy Zander is as he chokes on his cock and cant get enough of him. D wants a taste of that ass so he bends him over and buries his face between his delicate smooth ass cheeks. Zander enjoys how hungry his Stepdad is for his tight hole. Zanders buttocks is lubed up with sufficient spit so D slowly pushes his dick balls deep in his Stepson. Zander takes it dam as D starts to pump his young eager ass. His Stepdad then has until this young dollar is currently nearing rupture him ride his cock at the chair for a bit. They wind up in missionary on the seat and Zander unleashes a nicely built loading up all. His Stepdad cant take no more and nuts throughout his cumed on torso.

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