Solo celebration –


The new city council woman Briella Jaden comes to my home to pay me a visit. Her reputation is that she´s gung ho on stopping organized crime. She tells me she knows all about my involvement with the criminals and that she´s giving me one last warning to clean up my act. I laugh at her niavity and make sure she´s nice and loopy. I quickly tie her elbows together behind her back as she struggles to get away from me. Briella doesn´t stand a chance as before she realizes she can cry out for help I peel down my panties and shove them into her uppity politician mouth then wrap her pretty face with lots of layers of thick tape. Soon the elected offical can only grunt and whimper as I add more rope. I grab her ripe tits and push her down to the floor. Briella kicks at me and fights and I pull up her dress exposing her granny panties. I cross her ankles and bind them as she wiggles her arms trying to loosen the bondage then I grab some twine and thread it through her toes tying them painfully together. Briella cries through her gag as the twine is tightened and her bound toes are painfully twisted. I tie the twine off through her wrists putting the dumb politician in a tight hogtie. I take some blackmail photos then leave her completely helpless sobbing and struggling on the floor.

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