Rubber Toes –


Tall fairly secretary Ayla Aysel pays me a visit at home dressed in a satin blouse plus skiin tight pencil skirt with matching blouse high heels. It&intense;s quite odd that somebody who works for me could have the guts to come to my house. I remind her that I am the boss, but she doesn&extreme;t attention. She tells me she saw me stealing information from the company pc when she returned to the office to retrieve her mobile phone. Her strategy would be to report me to the authorities. I pull a weapon onto her demand that she get down on her knees. I tie her wrists behind her back and run my hands up and down her satin blouse. Well miss enormous mouthwhat I do with the business files is none of your enterprise. I push a ballgag involving her lips silencing the tiny snoop. Young innocent Ayla is scared today. The dumb bitch realizes she messed with the wrong lady. I immediately rope her knees up together while the fearful thing moans and yells into her gag. I bind her ankles and realize I’ve no longer rope. I leave the room to catch sneaky and some brat woman Ayla scoots herself to the front door on her bum. She raises her long shapely legs and attempts to unlock the doorway with her heels. I shove her down onto her side and then yank her tight pencil skirt up above her ass before incorporating a crotch rope dividing her pussy and ass at 2. I complete the nosey secretary off in a hogtie. I leave Ayla bound, gagged and patiently waiting for the pick up crew to dispose of her.

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