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Close Outside the old year Using a peek at the Honey Demon on the Eve of New Year!

Dressed in the colors of sin–red and black, complete with a scarlet feather boa, Honey has a pout on her face which looks as if she’s just gotten back from a crazy party where none of the guys were up for her demonic criteria! Maybe what she’s looking for at 2012 are guys to not fuck, but to be her cunny-licking and ass-kissing slaves! She looks at us having a quiet fierceness that instantly takes command of all cocks because as she peels down her outfit and sips champagne! She teases us with her stocking shirts –along with her legs in their company nylon sheen–and then tempts us with her pussy, ass and titties as she intends her schedule of conquest of all vulnerable men in the next 365 days! Together with her high cheekboneseyes , and lushly lipsticked mouth, Honey Demon resembles a seductress who’ll be haunting our dreams and stiffening our stalks time and again!

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