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The Baroness loves a great springtime afternoon on her rooftop terrace. She restricts her servant with handcuffs. She then turns her completely helpless slave into her private ashtray. She strikes him with smoking smoke and fetish torment. Entirely under her mercy he experiences everything that she needs. The Baroness fancies a fruit desert of the special kind. Together with her bare feet she crushes the fruits, along with the servant has to lick her feet clean. Can he fulfill her high requirements? Her mood changes, and that she determines discard like a few heavy ballbusting. Her helpless slave is resists, but this only fuels her passion for humiliation and degradation. She makes fun from him, he has to understand the meaning of the term sploshing. She smears fruits and cake on his body and makes him lick her fingers and feet. Eventually she declares that the roughest torment of all: Endless jealousy and tease with CBT until he yells. Will he resist?

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