Mom Fucks Her Stepson as Dad.. –


Twas the night before Christmas and, hubby asleep, Angel opened her blouse to glimpse for young Matty. One glance at his stepmoms big tits, and Matty was down for a tryst! Matty allow his stepmother that is hot sit on his own face, while his father snoozed by the fireplace. Since he licked her swelled pussy, his dick went hard, and he felt bad hed gotten a card to her! Be silent, be quiet, his stepmother said she gave him. As she wrapped him hard in the soft candlelight, Matty feared his father would wake into the fright. But tis the time for cheer and fucking, and with Angel sexy, there was no time for fear! For the remainder of their lives, both of these may deny that Matty left Angel having a dripping creampie.

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