LuLu – On Leather –


Alan Carly is hot guy, and just perfect to be turned into a slave that is personal. As he has him blindfolded, with his wrists That’s just what his girl has in mind. He wears only a few see-thru underwear and some more shacles onto his or her knees. Alan who insists that he wishes to be published is approached by the woman, but his petition is refused. The girl begins to torment himtrying to make him scream, however Alan resists if the whip is used on him. She tries to make him scream and whips his entire body, but he resists. The woman takes a few clips and uses them. He feels the pain from the clamps and the woman goes putting a collar round his throat. She pulls Alans underwear and start to slap in his cock and balls, before taking the whip to him again. She pulls the hair which makes Alan squirm and twist. Then she has another idea, using clothes pins to attach with his valls and his cock. She places a gag into his mouth also. Since she removes the clothing pins Alan feel that the pain with each and every one. The wrist shackles are eliminated and Alan is pushed into the ground, where he is made to beg, like a puppy. It appears he is starting to learn what he will have to perform to please his mistress. A dog bowl is introduced next with Alan designed to drink from it. Then he is told to lay her down and he goes down on his elbows, presenting his sexy ass. The woman whips the ass and then inspects it closely, rubbing at a toy against the hole. She shoves the toy conclusion, and turns the whip around after thumping a little longer. On his leash Alan is directed about with his ass. Then he gets a while as he is permitted to stand, but is shackled as the woman begins to suck on his cock. That dick gets really hard indeed because it is worked on by her. However she didnt let him cum. First she wants to fuck his ass with her strapon and then Alan lays on his back because she plows his ass. The rubber cock rams working before changing position, it great. Alan wanks his cock fast and hard since the dick continues to fuck his hole. He retains wanking till his shoots his load, and together with the girl still fucking him.

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