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Believing that her lifetime of privilege and wealth gives her carte blanche to flout the law, Yasmine de Leon did not count on running to Patrolwoman Bobbi Starr. As somebody bound to protect and serve, Bobbi doesn’t get into Yasmine’s pleas of who she is and exactly what her husband would do to her if she is picked up breaking the law. If anything, it pisses Bobbi off even more.Bobbi strikes out for the 99 percent and reveals that the 1 percent, Yasmine, what it’s like with no phone call and no lawyer. Bobbi uses the methods at her disposal to pull a confession. Mentioning that Yasmine desires more laps compared to the typical perp (or, maybe because she had a bad day) Bobbi simplifies her defendant for further interrogation using procedures like lesbian bondage.Teaching Yasmine what it means to be in the incorrect place at the wrong time for everybody else in the planet, Bobbi engages in actual class war by manhandling Yasmine over a dining table, employing a taser to herthen breaking her pussy having an abysmal plug before moving her on to more electro BDSM.With the support of the violet wand, Bobbi ties Yasmine to a prison cell and shocks her pussy one flicker at one time. But the gagged yelps of Yasmine do not end the BDSM. Bobbi ensures Yasmine respects her power by making her pussy dancing with shocks. Having a dildo, Bobbi violates the ass of the wealthy bitch, then releases her in your bondage session that is electro.

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