Your Luckiest Night –


Imagine if you moved into a hot club and saw Jasmine Rouge from Romania and Maya. They’re a couple of the strippers you’ve ever noticed, AND they have the most astounding feet in their backless high heels that are fuck-me! Imagine further that it’s your night that is lucky and they choose to take you home to provide you with the foot fetish series of a life! Yes, that is what it is like today when these two stunners grope each other on a couch, playing with vibrators sucking in their heels and toes and licking pussy and ass. Picture yourself hanging off to the side naked with your prick in your hand and enjoying the view, particularly of Maya’s red-polished size 6.5 beauties in the open-toe fronts of her gorgeous black patent programs. You are going to be sorely tempted to leap in the situation yourself and get started slurping on Maya’s tootsies just as Jasmine does with her sensual tonguesucking or sucking Jasmine’s own dimension 6.5 digits because she tweaks Maya’s nips. It’s a foot worship feast you’ll really like to stroke and spray !

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