Your Ass For My Ass #02,.. –


WELCOME TO THE START OF A BRAND NEW SEASON.Season Eight MatchADRIANNAThe AdrianacondaHT: 5’7WT: 148 lbsSeason album (0-0)Lifetime record (5-2)BELLA ROSSIThe AnnihilatorHT: 5’5WT: 155lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (4-1)Season 1 is now upon us. All new rivalries, all rookies. Ultimate Surrender brings the ONLY aggressive sex wrestling on the planet to you. The single league of its own kind in existence.Adrianna Nicole has returned. Her match with Ultimate Surrender has been a Tag Team Championship match up 2 years back. She is tenacious, strong and large about the mat. It’s good to have her back rival again.We welcome back Bella Rossi. She was not able to pay for awhile and was contracted to another site. This woman loves kicking bitch bum. She is eager for bitch ass and the one thing she enjoys more than winning is fucking the losers at the ass.This has been a back and forth game up, two of the most powerful welterweights on the roster battled it out tough. Is the loser obtained a ass fucking.

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