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We have experienced around Dee Williams for some time now so our handlers are known by her . However, we would like our audience to get to know her a bit better, therefore, because we do with our models on their feeds, we take the time in the start to ask her a few questions about herself. Deeher throat held to the ground by a metal collar, answers questions from our viewers about her wants and our handlers, her fears, her dreams, and anything else they need to listen about her. As she does point that a heat lamp at her pussy to keep it nice and warm while everyone gets ready.Our handlers start out mild on Dee, because, with hours ahead of them with her company, they have all the time on the planet to ramp up things. First than they’re in their, they wrap up her tits making a harness which makes her breasts look much more round and perky, also Dee's got some pleasant breasts. They tie her arms with her elbows over her hands and her head behind her back . With her arms from the way, Matt Williams takes the moment to smack her bum around using a flogger, leaving it red, but not bruised.After that, Matt puts Dee down along with a big wooden box on her belly. He folds her legs back and ties her ankles, connecting that rope to the one round her arms. He yanks it tighter and tighter, pulling Dee to a increasingly embarrassing hogtied position. Now she is prepared for the remainder of what they have planned.

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