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William said, as he was sliding all over the lubricated counter. William said this as he was sliding across the lubricated counter. “Wow!” I replied, slightly surprised. When I met you for the first time, I assumed you were shy and reserved. He replied, “Well thatA’s because we just met.” Wait ’til I get to know you! I believe William’s military experience made him more reserved with new people. Deep down you knew there was an inquisitive child inside that wanted to escape. What do you do now that youA’re no longer in the military? He replied, “IA’m an agrarian rancher.” We have acres upon acres of ranch! William is a small man with a large cock. While filming, I noticed his long hairy balls hanging as low as his body. “YouAre very furry up there,” I replied. Do you ever shave?” He said, “Honestly! He said, “Once.” It was very smooth, and made my cock appear huge. But it wasn’t hard work. It’s easier for me to keep things natural. William really loved playing with his balls. “William really enjoyed playing with his balls. He said. He said, “There’s more sensation. “There is more sensation.”

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