Who’s Using Who?: Ricky Sinz.. Kinkmenclassics.com – xxx24.vip


Ricky Sinz, an ex-convict and traveling in this Bound Gods shot from 2012 is seen as a wandering convict. He is looking through Cole BrooksAs windows, hoping for action. Cole engages in self-bondage and masturbation in his living room. Ricky climbs out of the window to take the undiscovered Cole down. The boy is tied to the chair by Ricky and beaten until he gives in to his will to cocksuckle. Cole is threatening to bite Ricky so he drags Cole into the bathroom where he dunks in the tub of water. The boy is fucked in the tub and then he fucks it more in his bedroom. Cole is forced to worship the foot and cock of the convictA. Cole also gets a suspension and is fucked in the living room. For the fun of it, the boy gets a lot of cum and some good old flogging.

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