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Hey, What’s up Guys? I’m Sonia Red a Hot and Sexy teen from Prague. Lot to long ago I met this guy named Martin from a friend of mine. I guess they fucked a couple of times, she said he was nice but he was just a little too rough. Well Martin and I have been hanging out a lot and have gotten pretty close. I really don’t know what she was complaining about, I guess she’s the type of girl that like’s to be loved. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for that love thing, but when I a guy fucks me, I want him to fuck me hard. I was lying there dreaming about my boyfriend when he came in and woke me, he stated kissing me and playing with my tits, rubbing and sucking them. He reached down and began rubbing my young horny twat up and down then he pulled down my top and started sucking my other tit, as I moved my hips up and down, pushing my pussy up towards his hand. I got on my knees and he started rubbed my body all over, playing with my tits and rubbing my horny snatch from top to bottom. I laid down and he snatched my panties right off, he spread my legs wide open and started rubbing my twat and sucking on my titty. Marin stood up and I got on my knees I pulled out his cock and slipped it right in my mouth. He held my head and started pumping his big cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my pretty young face like he knows I like. He held his cock in his hand and slapped it on my tongue hard, then went right back to fucking my face like he never stopped. I slid his slick throbbing cock from my mouth and I started licking and sucking his balls. He laid down and I got into dog I stuffed his thick cock back in my mouth and he started pumping it in and out. I licked, sucked, and jerked up and down on his hard thick cock making it as nasty as I could, and he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth just to make sure I did a good job. Martin got up and I laid down on my back, he spread my legs open nasty wide and started licking and sucking on my all over puss. He got behind me and slid his big cock deep in my cunt, fucking my young twat hard and strong, trying his best to get every bit of pussy I had. I could feel his big balls slapping up against my clit and him bottoming out at the other end. He stuck his fingers in my wet pussy and then right in my mouth, they were warm and sweet from my wet puss. He shoved his slick cock back in my twat and started fucking my puss with long hard strokes, he spread my ass wide open and drove his cock in deep. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and used them like a bit, prying at my mouth like a horse headed down the wrong trial, he always fucks me rough, just the way I like it. He laid down and I started jerking and sucking on his cock up as hard as I could, getting him all slicked up, his cock was as hard as a rock. I got on top with a sexy ass facing him and he slid his thick cock back in my wet puss fucking my cunt with long hard stokes. I leaned back and he held me up, ramming his big cock up in my little puss harder and harder with every stroke. I reached down and started rubbing my clit round and round as he continued sliding his cock in and out of my wet horny puss hard, fast, and strong. He pulled his cock out and started slapping it on my twat then he shoved it right back in, long stroking my wet hole all over again. He pulled his slick cock out from my sloppy puss and I started stroking and sucking him off in Doggy just as nasty as I could. Martin holding true to form started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth like a puppy going after his first nut, he’s so cute. He came around and positioned me up just right, then slapped me on my ass and slid his thick cock right in my eager twat. He went up and over and pushed my head straight down, all I know is my ass went north straight up in the air. He pulled me up by my hair and stuck his fingers back in my mouth pounding his throbbing cock in my cunt deeper with every stroke. He stuck his finger in my asshole at first just to the tip, then knuckle deep before up grading me to a toy. He spit on my ass for lube and started fucking me with short fast strokes, but he dug in much deeper as my hungry ass opened up. He laid down and I got back on top this time facing him as he went back to fucking my puss. I reached back and slid my little yellow toy back in my ass as Martin slid his cock in and out of my wet pussy over and over again. He grabbed my arms and held them behind my back then he stuck his finger back in my ass and started digging it al around. He spread my ass wide open and slapped it hard then he stood up on the bed. I got up and wrapped my lips back around his cock and started slobbering him up from top to bottom. I stroked and sucked his throbbing cock and then tongued his cum brewing balls, he started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my pretty face nasty good. He laid me down tossing one of my legs over his shoulder then he slid his long hard cock in my twat and started long stroking my cunt with every thing he had. He reached down and grabbed a hand full of my hair pulling me up and shoved his cock right in my mouth. I slurped up and down his hard thick cock and then I held it tightly in my hand and started jerking him off. Martin slid his cock back in my mouth and started fucking my face then he jacked his cock off until he filled my mouth with his cum. I grabbed his cum dripping cock and started licking and sucking it all over then I fingered the cum from around my lips and licked them clean, trying my best to get all that he give.

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