Visual Sensation: CFNM.. –


The Clothed Female Nagged Male[klohthed ney-kid meyl] is a type of male sexual objectification. It involves the male taking on the role of the slave. Barney, a Californian surfer boy dreams of having his three beautiful women as his dominance. The whole shoot focuses on CFNM, a naked female male dressed in bare clothes. Barney will not be able to see the females in the same undress, resulting in him becoming more helpless and submissive. HeA’s balls and cock are placed in the cock stock, and heAA’s whipped while the cheering women cheer. Madeline employs her charm to make him dripping with excitement, only for the crowd to insist that he not be denied. Barney is abused by the women who have a brawny sex and spank him. All three dominatrices then join him in teasing and milking his prostate, while he’s made to sit in a queening seat and lick DragonlilyAs gorgeous feet and ass. LoreleiA dances on Madeline’s hard cock, while Madeline presses the right buttons and orders orgasm after orgasm from his prostate. He begins to cumming, without being touched. He won’t quit and his cock is so strong that the girls laugh at him, ruining their orgasms and milking them until he’s sick of it!

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