Virgin gets naked by mirror.. –


Josef Houska and Petr Maslak have been stopped at the airport and taken to Airport Security, where Tom Vojak is ready to inspect their package. Tom opens the package and discovers a number of sex toys. He decides to take them to another room, for further examination. He moves Petr too, into a room equipped for action. Petrs arms are shackled to a St Andrews cross, his chest exposed. Tom keeps up a constant barrage of abuse as he checks out Petrs sexy body. He puts a ball gag into Petrs mouth and then lowers his pants to fully expose him. Tom slaps Petrs face, and plays with his cock as well. Then he begins to whip Petrs body as well, and kisses all over his body, working down towards his cock. Tom takes the cock in his mouth and begins sucking it as Petr struggles against his restraints. Petrs dick gets good and hard as Tom sucks and wanks it. Then Tom goes back to deal with Josef, he inspects his luggage too, before taking him into the other room as well. Tom makes Josef remove his tee-shirt and then has a quick suck on Petrs cock again before lowers Josefs pants. He shackles Josefs wrists as well and starts to spank his ass. Josef moans as he feels the heavy hands, and a whip on his sexy body. Tom lowers Josef to his knees. Then he pulls out his own throbbing cock and pushes it into Josefs mouth. He makes his prisoner suck on that massvie tool, stripping off his uniform at the same time. Josefs hot mouth really works on that big cock but it is not enough for Tom. He soon has that big dick deep in Josefs tight ass, fucking him hard and fast. Josef moans as he takes that cock, but his own dick seems to be responding to the pleasure his ass is feeling. Tom really pounds aways and that ass, fucking it as deep as he can go. He moves Josef, onto his back, legs up and continues to stretch that hole with his hard cock. He fucks it so hard, and spanks on Josefs ass at the same time. Petr is released and stands over Josef wanking his own hard cock as he watches the fucking. Toms fucking gets even harder and he unloads his hot load deep inside Josefs ass. Josef opens his hole up and pushes the hot cum right out of that ass. Then he see Petrs cock releasing its own hot cum, as he stands over him. Josef reaches up to feel the spent cock and then wanks his own throbbing cock to a lovely cumshot as well. [Note: The spoken language in this film is Czech]

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