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Cole Brooks, a punk who has been pirated DVDs. The only problem is that this idiot put the movie in the DVD box and returned it to the rental store. He is caught by the clerk and the rental shop comes to his rescue. Everyone has seen the FBI warnings on every movie’s front cover. Colby Jansen is the one who takes over and strips down the young stud. Cole doesn’t hesitate to fight back, but the men don’t mind ramming their heads down his throat. Colby is tied up to the camera rack and has weighted butterfly clamps running down his entire body. He is forced to crawl about to look for cocks as the weights hang off his body. Cole takes a bite out of every man to make a living, and then he gets the piledriver piss in the window while the pedestrians pass by. Cole is made to lick the glass by Colby, who stomps all over it in plain sight of everyone else.

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