Twin Trap: Part One –


Alexa Grace includes a stepsister Natalia Starr. The competition between them never ends… till the day she learns about Alexas connection with Carmen Caliente. Is boys. It drives Natalia nuts which Alexas never had a boy she could steal. Natalia isn’t although alexa is a virgin. Now Alexa and Carmen and games are currently enjoying around the living room couch. Carmen goes upstairs to the bathroom, away from prying eyes, so that she can make out using Alexa. However, Natalia sees Alexa sneak in the bathroom and lock lips. Natalia knows how to produce her sister envious. If she can get pesky Alexa from the home, shell go after Carmen. She is sent by natalia out She shoves her a cab places her into a gown and promises to explain it into Carmen. With Alexa from the home, Natalia heads upstairs to switch into her outfit that is stepsisters. Carmens been rubbing her clit in the bathroom waiting for Alexa to finish her off, but its taking so long that she heads back down to the sofa. Natalia joins Carmen around the couch. Carmen is none the wiser. She cannot tell the twins apartfrom Natalia desires them to view a film rather than play video games. She also wants to get frisky. Carmen wonders come on her girlfriend but she allows her eats her pussy and undress her outside. Natalia tribs her pussy, gets nude and sits on her face. Natalia licks Carmens pussy all around the sofa. She tastes her hot ass and tribs her again. Until they cum then the process is repeated by Carmen on Natalia! Carmen doesnt know what shes done, however, Alexa captured the whole thing through the window!

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