Transsexual Pop Shots #02,.. –


Matt at his workplace, matt and Rick within their workplaces, Rick in his pub. Slave Jeff functions at a middle-level place, for Matt. He’s currently asserting his authority on a new worker, Bill, a little more than Matt enjoys. After Bill leaves the office, Matt shows Jeff whos boss, which makes him crawl over strip and, at the snap of their fingers, and suck Matts dick. Matt removes a shoe with a slap which leaves an imprint on Jeffs buttocks, and sends him back to work when fulfilled. Rick has meanwhile had a phone chat with his inaugural servant Gabriel, and requires Matt while Jeff is blowing off himto make programs for the evening.Night. In the Westchester home, Gabriel and Jeff, naked except for boots, collars and chastity devices, are doing the dinner dishes once Rick calls using directions. The telephone over, the slaves gag every other. When an alarm goes off as theyre watching TV, then Gabriel direct him by a leash to the dungeon where he pushes him, cuffs him and gives an enema to Jeff. Regag himself and gabriel returns into the toilet, provides himself an enema, and on his way back into the dungeon eliminates his gag to put on a hood. In which Jeff stands helpless, Gabriel chains an ankle to the shares, cuffs his hands behind his back and lies down. Cut to Rick and Matt with a snack to eat at a new york diner and enjoying them in the films prior to returning to the house at which stripped down into chest harnesses and boots, and they find Jeff from the shares along with Gabriel asleep at Jeffs ft.

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